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About Us

Why Us?

Art For Gratitude is not just a pretty picture on a wall. It’s a statement that you believe life is worth fighting for. That “gratitude” is a way of life, not a catch phrase on a bumper sticker.

When you’re ready to start seeing the world thru eyes of wonder again, come find us. We’ll set you up with everyday reminders that you - as well as the world we live in - are amazing.

Our brand Story

Meet Jeff Schear, a Chicago-based photographer who has made a name for himself as a commercial advertising photographer and also the creator of "Art For Gratitude," a fine art travel photography brand.

Inspired by the need for gratitude and positivity during the pandemic, Jeff founded "Art For Gratitude" to help people find joy through travel prints that evoke nostalgic memories and positive emotions. Each print is a timeless reminder of the moments that make life a cherished experience.

Jeff has traveled the world to capture breathtaking images. Whether he's exploring sun-drenched beaches, majestic mountains, or vibrant cityscapes, Jeff's photography captures the beauty of the world and the moments that make life worth living.

Art For Gratitude is for everyone who aspires to live their life to the fullest and share their experiences with others. 

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